Horse Feed Supplements in Wisconsin


  • Horse Feed

    Premium Alfalfa/Timothy Hay Cubes Beet Pulp Shreds

    Progressive Horse Feed

Pro Grass Formula
Envision Classic
Performance Sweet 8
Premium Growth Formula
Grass Mineral (25 lb bag or blocks)

Summit Mill’s Joe Monroe’s Double Ought Oats (Combination of Oats and Soybean Oil with Grass Mineral)
Great maintainence feed for horses.

    Purina Brand (Some feeds need pre-order confirmation for availability)

    Country Acres Sweet 12% – Complete Balanced
    Equine Senior
    Omelene 100 – Pleasure
    Strategy – Complete Supplement in pellet form
    Strategy Healthy Edge – High Fat, Nutritionally Balanced for 2 years plus horses
    Dobbin’s Delights Horse Treats – Apple & Oat Flavored

    Manna Pro
    MaxiGlo – Supplement with Added Fat, Controlled Starch & Anti-Oxidants

    Other Feeds

  • Stall MaintenanceStall Refresher – Eliminates Ammonia
    Marth EZ Pic Shavings
    Marth – Pellet Bedding